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I have already purchased Golfscape. Why does Golfshot make me pay for it again?

If you have already purchased Golfscape through iTunes, you need to reinstall it on your iPhone for Golfshot to recognize the purchase. To reinstall Golfscape, select Golfscape (link to Golfscape in the App Store) in the App Store and choose Price and then Buy Now. It will first prompt you on cost but will then pop up saying that you have already paid and can download for free. For questions about purchasing you must contact Apple on any transactions.

What if the hole location isn’t centered in the right spot?

Golfscape uses a combination of the compass and gyroscope on the iPhone to determine direction to the hole. Depending on the accuracy of these items on your particular phone, you may see some shift in their position. To correct for this, Golfscape offers a “Recenter” button on the bottom of the screen. Press and hold to recenter the green position. You may also use this feature to center the green to the pin position for the day.

What courses are mapped?

We have over 35,000 courses mapped worldwide. You can search and view courses at You can also request new courses for free from the same page.

How would I begin a round at a hole other than 1?

You can move to any hole and begin your play there. To scroll quickly, press and hold the arrow while on the Score screen. When you press and hold the arrow keys you can scroll through 18 holes in about 4-5 seconds.

Why do I get the error message “Access to Location Denied” or am unable to get a GPS signal with iOS4?

Make sure that you have location services turned to ON. Please close out Golfscape. (You need to double tap the round home button to open the fast app switching menu. Then press and hold the Golfscape application icon until it shakes. Press the minus button to fully close out the app). Then open the Settings App for your iPhone > General > Locations Services and turn to ON. Also be sure that Golfscape is set to ON.